Kate Middleton’s dehumanized critics brandished defamatory and cruel

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Kate Middleton’s dehumanized critics brandished defamatory and cruel

Experts believe the media’s attention towards Kate Middleton during her recuperation is nothing but “defamatory and cruel.”

All of these claims have been issued by royal editor Hannah Furness.

She broke it all down in a candid piece for The Telegraph.

In it she refrenced the Princess’ bid for privacy during her recuperation from abdominal surgery and bashed the media onslaught that’s been following her since then.

The piece began with Ms Furness saying, “The idea, which at the time seemed sensible and entirely possible, was that she would be given some peace and quiet to get better from what really was major surgery which left her exhausted. As one of the world’s most photographed women, the reasons for staying away from public engagements hardly need explaining.”

Or perhaps that “Prince William was worried enough to rearrange his public engagements until she was comfortable would, in another world, have said it all about the highly unusual personal situation they find themselves in.”

“Instead, the question of ‘Where Is Kate?’ has grown to such an extent that it could not be ignored.”

Before concluding she also bashed those perpetuating and sharing such information, before adding, “So dehumanised have we become in the modern age that even those who consider themselves kind and sensible people have forgotten that there is a real person at the heart of it. That person is at home, now not just recuperating but bombarded with what at very best is the outside world laughing at her expense. At its worst, it’s defamatory and cruel.”

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