WATCH: Did Chinese cross Chow Chow dog with panda to get THESE?

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When a Chinese zoo embarked on bringing an interestingly new attraction for the visitors, they made a mockery of not only ther national animal panda, but also a cute breed of dogs uysing paint and dyes outraging the visitors and the social media alike. 

The picture and videos the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu Province went viral where Chow Chow dogs can be seen dressed as pandas since there is no scientific basis of such thing, according to New York Post.

The outlet reported that this breed of dog is big-haired from Northern China.

The experts trimmed the mane of dogs and dyed their faces black to look like China’s iconic bamboo-eating bear.

Officials then put on display the dogs in an enclosure every day from 8am to 5pm, where they get a number of visitors.

A representative of the zoo explained the rationale behind the conduct: “There are no panda bears at the zoo and we wanted to do this as a result.”

Many visitors alleged the sanctuary of animal cruelty but zoo officials maintained that the dog-fishing scheme isn’t harmful to the animals.

The zoo official said: “People also dye their hair. Natural dye can be used on dogs if they have long fur.”

Social media users reacting to the posts wrote that they are cute and very small.

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